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What Is SPF Clothing?

What Is SPF Clothing?

The joy of being outdoors in the warm, soft sunlight is undeniable. But as with so many of life’s pleasures, the sun is best enjoyed in moderation – its ultraviolet (UV) rays can lead to sunburn, premature aging, and even skin cancer. Clothing with a specially designed and lab-tested Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) gives you greater control over your overall exposure to UV.

Who Benefits from Wearing SPF Clothing?

UPF clothing offers sun protection benefits for everyone but is especially helpful if you have:

  • Darker skin pigmentation: While melanin offers some protection, it can also hide early signs of sun damage.
  • Sun-sensitive skin: This includes people whose skin freckles or burns easily.
  • Children or older adults: Kids have thin skin, and sun damage accumulates throughout your life.
  • Medication sensitivity: Many medications can increase your sun sensitivity – always check the labels.
  • High exposure: Whether at high altitudes, near the equator, or on snow or water, you get greater UV exposure.

Understanding UPF Ratings

UPF is like the SPF used to rate sunscreen, but while SPF only measures protection against UVB rays, UPF measures both UVA and UVB. So, it’s easy to choose clothes: The higher the UPF rating, the better the protection.

  • UPF 15 (Minimum): Blocks about 93% of UV rays
  • UPF 30 (Good): Blocks about 97% of UV rays
  • UPF 50+ (Excellent): Blocks about 98+% of UV rays

Bosideng chooses materials and constructions with excellent UPF ratings, considering elements like:

  • Construction: Tight weaves block more UV rays.
  • Colour: Darker, saturated colours generally offer more protection.
  • Treatments: Some dyes and chemicals enhance a fabric’s UPF.
  • Fiber Type: Polyester and nylon are UV-resistant, and Bosideng also excels at crafting protective down jackets.

Be aware that UPF can be reduced by wetness, wear and tear, stretching of the fabric, and some laundry practices.

UPF Clothing from Bosideng

For over 46 years, Bosideng has been a global leader in the down jacket market. With meticulous design and over 150 steps in every garment, Bosideng combines warmth with superior sun protection. Our innovative styles feature:

  • Extended coverage: Sun collars, hand-covering cuffs, and broad hat brims.
  • Vents: Allowing cooling airflow without excessive skin exposure.
  • Looser cut: For comfort, and to avoid the UV-protection loss tight fabrics cause.
  • Quick-drying fabrics: To restore full UPF protection quickly after getting wet.

Discover the Bosideng difference – where warmth meets sun safety with style.

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