Discover the materials we use, understand how insulation works its magic, and learn why paying attention to insulation in your gear is essential for your outdoor adventures.

What's insulation and how does it keep you warm?

Insulation is like your jacket's cozy blanket, keeping you warm by trapping heat close to your body and blocking out the cold air. It works by creating a barrier that stops heat from escaping, using materials like down feathers or synthetic fibers to trap warm air. The better the insulation, the warmer you'll feel! So, when choosing outdoor gear, pay attention to the type and quality of insulation to stay snug and comfy on your adventures

Goose Down vs Duck Down

In general, white goose down offers superior softness and insulation compared to duck down. Additionally, goose down stands out as the sole type capable of achieving high fill power. This higher fill power translates to enhanced air-trapping capabilities, resulting in superior insulation. Consequently, goose down products typically boast higher quality, increased loft, and prolonged longevity. Geese, due to their larger size, yield larger down clusters, thereby facilitating the creation of high fill power.

Fill power

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