By leading the way in China as the number one brand in down jackets, Bosideng continues to pioneer and improve every piece through the design, manufacture and testing of each product. We carry out 5 procedures including 3 lab testing in the product development stage: Wind testing, Zip Testing, Friction Testing, Fabric Durability, Colour Retaining. We have also applied Innovative Down Filling methods for professional mountain gear ranges. 

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The onsite laboratory with 23 technicians and 9 engineers, test everything from the chemical compounds to the appearance and durability of every piece, which totals 150 produces.


The European Duck and Goose Down fibre has one of the highest thermal insulation properties. The heat retention of down fibre is three times more effective than any manmade fibre and one of the lightest.

Further benefits of using down, other than it being so soft, is the 100% elasticity recovery after compression. It’s durable for at least 10 years, degradable and has properties that control the coats humidity.

Continued working relationships with Europe, the specialised machine needle sourced from the German GROZ-BECKER is another attribute to the constant improvement Bosideng strives for.

GORZ-BECKER is used to treat each machine needle. The titanium nitride reduces the temperature of the needle, thus, reducing the chance of damage to the cloth surface and creating a compact seal to prevent down from escaping.

Further collaborations with some of the industries best know manufactures, TORAY, the Japanese company worked with Bosideng to help the development of Infrared heat storage technologies on some of the core pieces within the collection. 

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Our collaboration with GORE-TEX formed to bring you the most premium range of Goose down jackets to date.