The Bosideng History


1970’s – Mr Gao Dekang


In 1972 Mr Dekang GAO began work as a tailor within his father’s small textile company, just north of Shanghai in Chanshu.

The tailor-turned entrepreneur taught himself how to make down-filled garments and would ride his bicycle 100km from Chanshu to Shanghai

to deliver the garments to his buyers.

“The down clothes industry in China started from the 1970s, but actually some people had already begun to wear them in the sixties. It was considered a luxury to wear down clothes at the time. Nobody realised its market potential.”

1990's – Beginning of the Brand

By 1995 Mr Dekang GAO put 3 steps in place to reach the domestic market

  • Bosideng was launched as the official brand name.

  • To differentiate Bosideng from other companies down coats, Mr Gao redesigned his down coats to be  colourful and lighter (originally these would be black or blue, bulky and heavy.)

  • He invested everything he had to become a manufacturer of mass-market down coats.

By 1997, Bosideng enhanced its reputation and gained recognition for coats subtle for Winter and Extreme weather by becoming the sponsored brand for teams from PRC exploring the Antarctic and Mount Everest.

By 1999, Bosideng became the first Chinese clothing brand to enter the Swiss market, which was the first introduction to the international market.

2000's – Expanding

Bosideng celebrates winning multiple wards within the retail and consumer goods for technology and quality.

In 2006 Han Xiaopeng makes history by becoming the first Chinese man to win gold at the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy wearing a custom suit by Bosideng.

Forward to 2018-2020 Pioneering

Working with renowned designers on the apparel collection, designers such as former Ralph Lauren design director Tim Coppens, former Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton designer Anton Tron, and Yohji Yamamoto’s collaborator Ennio Capasa –

they present the perfect partnership of international fashion aesthetics and outstanding down apparel expertise.

With its debut at New York fashion week.


2018, Bosideng continues to cement itself as one of the leaders in outwear fashion with Chinese heritage and International design.

In 2019, Bosideng's show at Milan Fashion Week was a true gathering of superstars such as Nicole Kidman, Kendall Jenner, Chiara Ferragni, Vogue Italy editor-in-chief Emanuele Farneti. Also in attendance were Italian artist Ottavio Fabbri, known as the Starmaker for his night sky paintings which Bosideng presented in its new collection under the theme "Starry Sky ". This explores the idea of being close to nature, celebrating the crossover of ancient civilization and modern technology. Referring to the natural landscape and the spectacular view of the starry night sky.

In 2020, Bosideng's Show in the London Fashion Week has once again demonstrated the determination of delivering professional yet fashion down garments.