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UPF Clothing

UPF clothing is one of this year’s hottest trends. People everywhere are discovering this simple, effective alternative to sunscreen that blocks nearly all the damaging ultraviolet light from the sun without asking the wearer to sacrifice style or convenience. Our UPF Protection Contrast Jacket is a perfect example of everything that's great about UPF clothing. With its relaxed fit, stylish lines and impeccable craftsmanship it's a stunning reflection of your good taste. But that's not all. With a UPF rating of 100+, it will stop more than 99% of the sun's destructive UV light from reaching your skin. Its ability to keep UV light at bay means it also provides an instant cooling sensation. And with its hat brim and visor your face is not left exposed. Beautiful, functional UPF clothing is not limited to jackets. Bosideng UPF Protection Leggings are one of our most popular items and for good reason. They are rated to UPF100+ meaning they will block more than 99% of UV light. By doing so they create a comfortable cooling sensation that makes them the ideal companion for outdoor activities in the warm weather. Kids need protection from the sun's UV light too and with our Kids UPF Protection Jacket, they get it. This is a comfortable, stylish, versatile warm weather jacket with a removable brim and sun visor that provides a cooling effect the minute your child puts it on. With a nylon/spandex shell, it's perfect for active kids who love the outdoors.