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Our Story


Mr Dekang GAO began work as a tailor within his father's small textile company, just north of Shanghai in Chanshu.

During harsh economic circumstances, he bicycled to Shanghai to sell his jackets and by perserverance and iron determination built the business into one of Chinese fashion’s biggest success stories.


Bosideng was launched as the official brand name. Mr Gao redesigned his down coats to be colourful
and liahter and invested evervthina he had to become a manufacturer of mass-market down coats.


Bosideng gained recognition for coats subtle for Winter and Extreme weather by becoming the sponsored brand for teams from PRC exploring the Antarctic and Mount Everest.


Han Xiaopeng, a freestyle aerial skiing athlete, won
the first gold medal of China for winter games in the Winter Olympic Games, wearing professional skiing apparel self-developed by Bosideng.


Bosideng was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in October.


In 2018, over 200 million Bosideng garments were sold in 72 countries, becoming a popular choice in the United States, France, and Italy.

Bosideng also appeared at New York Fashion Week, releasing a product line with three international designers.


Bosideng's show at Milan Fashion Week presented its new collection under the theme "Starry Sky ". This explores the idea of being close to nature, celebrating the crossover of ancient civilization and modern technology.


Bosideng's Show in the London Fashion Week has once again demonstrated the determination of delivering professional yet fashion down garments.


Bosideng’s London Flagship store opens.


Bosideng returns to Milan Fashion Week with New Generation Collection.

Drawing inspiration from the Italian Renaissance and La Vigna di Leonardo's architecture, the New Generation Collection infused elements of Chinese and Italian cultures.