BOSIDENG ‘s three-part solution delivers all-round summer protection against UV radiation, humidity and hot weather.

UPF 100+ blocks at least 98% of rays

Bosideng sun-protective clothing uses a fabric made from specially treated yarn with an internationally recognised UPF rating of 50+ (or 100+ according to China’s national rating system), blocking out at least 98% of UV rays. Importantly, clothing maintains this UPF rating through more than 300 washes.


Instant cooling

The high thermal conductivity of Bosideng’s sun-protective fabrics has been specially developed to meet and exceed rigorous Chinese and international standards. Their soft, lightweight nature deliver a sense of cool comfort to the wearer. 


Breathability ensures comfort

Multiple design features – special weaves, placed micro-holes in the fabric and ventilation details including body vents (depending on style) – increase breathability, contributing to the comfort of the wearer.